Whether you are a home owner, own an investment property, or you’re a residential Property Manager, Shaw Electrical Solutions can assist with residential electrical design and installation, through to maintenance and repairs.

We use quality, built-to-last materials, up-to-date products and practices, and actively seek cost and energy efficient options. Our service delivery is timely and professional.
• Internal lighting installation, upgrades, and repairs, including energy-efficient lighting
• External lighting, including landscape lighting
• Lighting Control Systems e.g. C-Bus
• Home automation
• Security systems, including CCTV
• Fire safety systems e.g. smoke alarms
• Communication cabling for data and phone, and fibre optics
• Power outlets, including 3-phase power
• Residual Current Devices (safety switches)
• New circuits
• Switchboard upgrades
• Mains upgrades
• Home theatre and multi-room audio systems

Energy management and monitoring - monitoring your energy consumption is the first step in reducing your carbon footprint. Proactively pursuing efficiency can save both resources and money, like:
 Switch to Auto – by far, the ultimate in efficiency, smart home design begins with home automation, and with one simple control, you have the capability to master virtually any device, system or appliance, exactly when it is on, and when it is off.
 Unplug it - unplug electrical devices when they are not in use, especially those electronics that have a rechargeable battery (if it’s blinking, it’s using electricity), or remain on stand-by, or install a Push Home Automation System – set and forget!
 Switch to LED or CFL - invest in LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs.
 Lights out and time out - turn off lights during the day and when you leave a room or invest in timing devices or a Lighting Control System.
 Turn It Down - turn your thermostat down before you go to bed and when you leave the house, or install a climate control system that does it all for you.
 Insulate well - check your home’s insulation, and seal any cracks as necessary. Apply weather stripping to doors and windows, and insulate your ceiling space if it is not already. And don’t forget to insulate your hot water system!
• Change filters - make sure you change the filters in your heating and cooling system as often as the manufacturer recommends.
 Look for the Star - choose appliances with the highest Energy Star rating when buying new – this means the appliance is up to government standards in energy efficiency.

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The National Electrical And Communications Association (NECA) is the peak industry body representing the best interests of the electrical and communications contracting industry in Australia.

Shaw Electrical Solutions aligns with NECA because of their four key values
- Respect, Excellence, Integrity and Loyalty.